Grounding of m/v EVER GIVEN in Suez Canal - Claim & Coverage Overview

China issues online insurance regulation amid boom in internet platforms

Protecting corporate reputation: the most valuable and underinsured asset

How to use data safely to your business' advantage

Data is a hugely valuable resource for any business, particularly since the pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of the economy and reduced personal interaction. Whilst the smart use of data can offer great growth opportunities for businesses it needs to happen in a controlled manner to avoid lawsuits, regulatory fines and reputational damage.

Silent Cyber: Counting the Cost

Silent Cyber, or non-affirmative cyber, occurs in insurance policies which neither expressly include nor exclude cyber risk.

Businesses mull options for Covid-19 vaccine approach

As the Covid-19 vaccine rollout progresses worldwide, businesses are debating how this will affect the return to the office as well as the health and safety measures that will be required.

The shifting shape of the terrorism threat during the pandemic

As a result of increased disruption and a lack of international travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the profile of terrorism has been reshaped across the world.

M&A insurance rebounds in Asia as confidence returns

M&A insurance professionals are welcoming the return of activity in Asia as business confidence picks up.

Brexit implications for corporate insurance policies

The Brexit deal struck in December 2020 between the UK government and the EU does not directly cover financial services. This has implications for policyholders particularly with regards to motor insurance but also potentially for contract continuity as well as risk placement.