Lockton Broker Finalist at Insurance Industry Awards

Victoria Gash
Finalists for the Insurance Business Awards have been revealed ahead of the industry’s prestigious event, in Sydney this May.

In an extract from Victoria's nomination:

“Throughout my 10 years’ in insurance, I have never encountered an individual who is as motivated on every level, hardworking, knowledgeable and inspiring as Victoria.” 

“Not only is Victoria exceptionally knowledgeable, she has a remarkable ability to take time out of her day to ensure others are managing their stress levels.  She will sit down with you, put it simply and help you work out a plan. She does it in a way which makes you wonder why you were even stressing out in the first place.”

“It is so invigorating to see such a powerful women in the industry who defines all the standard industry gender norms. In order for our generation to continue to grow, learn, excel and be inspired, then the industry needs more people who possess all of the qualities Victoria has and all the ethics she applies to her role.”

"What is so pleasing about Victoria qualifying as a finalist, is that she was nominated by one of her own colleagues. Looking at her nomination it is clear why she is a finalist and fantastic that her colleagues think that highly of her that they would take the time to put in a nomination" says Gerry Favory, National Manager for Corporate Risks and Mining.

Please join us on congratulating Victoria and we wish her the best of luck in Sydney.


The awards are being held at The Star Sydney on the 1st May 2020.

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