NSW Workers Compensation Scheme Agents Announced

icare have released details of the successful agents operating under the scheme from 31 December 2017.

icare have released details of the successful agents operating under the scheme from 31 December 2017.

Insurance & Care NSW (icare), the Public Financial Enterprise body responsible for managing workers compensation underwriting throughout the state, yesterday announced their agent selection for the renewal of the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme

EML, GIO and Allianz have been selected as partners acting as Claims Service Agents from 31 December 2017. This means that both CGU and QBE will no longer continue as service providers under the scheme.

Whats's changed?

With effect from 31 December this year significant changes will be seen in the scope of services provided by agents with services limited to claims management only through EML, GIO, or Allianz with EML managing all new claims effective 1st January 2018.

Policy management, pricing, and credit control functions are being directly managed by icare.

There were previously five scheme agents who had the authority to manage policy and pricing structure, credit terms, and claims management. Customers had the flexibility to choose their provider based on experience, expertise, and claims management skills.

icare’s Group Executive of Workers Insurance, John Nagle, has advised that the new scheme structure will result in significant enhancements to service delivery for businesses and injured workers.

Agent selection

The three agents who have been selected to continue operating under the scheme are GIO (AAI Ltd), EML (Employers Mutual Limited), and Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd. Services provided will be restricted to Claims Management only.

Mr Nagle has said that he is confident that icare has selected claims partners with strong experience, expertise and qualifications in delivering customer-centric workers insurance services and outcomes for injured workers and employers, and the willingness and drive to further improve.

Both CGU and QBE will conclude their role as an icare scheme agent on 31 December 2017 with icare thanking both companies for their longstanding, valued support and commitment to the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme.

What does this mean for you?

From 30th April 2017 all renewal underwriting, pricing, and credit control functions for Workers Compensation insurance throughout NSW will be managed by icare directly. New Business is already managed directly by icare.

Some policyholders will see changes in the upcoming months during the agent transition, however Mr Nagel has stated that clients will be kept fully informed every step of the way with a dedicated team working to ensure minimal impact to employers and injured workers.

“The new claims model is about moving from an adversarial model to empowerment and choice for employers and injured workers. It is focused on supporting the needs of our customers in their journey to recover and return to work, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of their claim.”

Next steps?

Lockton are committed to ensuring all agents continue to meet our client’s expectations. Our focus will remain to be on the provision of swift and proactive claims and injury management, reducing overall claims severity and associated costs, and continue to support injured workers in a speedy return to work.

We will continue our ongoing relationships with icare, EML, GIO and Allianz as we move into the new operating environment to ensure a smooth transition that best represent the interest of our clients.

Your Lockton representative will contact you shortly to discuss next steps should you be directly affected by this.

Please contact us with any queries.


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