Contact your broker in the event of an incident to discuss how to make a claim. If your insurance class isn’t listed below please contact your broker directly.

Electronic claim forms currently available:
• Property Claim Form
• Motor Vehicle Claim Form

Claims Management

An insurance policy is effectively a promise to pay. However, the true test comes when a claim arises. At this important time, that is when you need a service that is as efficient as it is effective and that is exactly what we aim to provide. Everything about our approach to handling claims is based on a straightforward premise – we treat each claim with the same care and attention as if it were our own. So you can expect to be kept closely informed every step of the way. The advice we give is designed to combine rigorous attention to detail with an appreciation of the wider business picture.

Dedicated claims specialists are involved in each major new placing, right from the outset. As an integral part of the account team, they have a close knowledge of your insurance situation even before a claim arises – so when it does, they are in a position to act swiftly and decisively. Their day-to-day remit is to prepare detailed claims manuals, instructions and disaster plans for client firms.