Enhancing your Employee Experience

The latest in our series of LENS breakfast briefings focused on how organisations can enhance and personalise their Employee Experience through benefits to deliver higher engagement. Delegates agreed that this was critical in the war for talent as organisations strive to differentiate themselves to attract and retain employees. Increasingly employee benefits and technology are becoming key tools.

Firstly, we focused on Employee Experience and how companies need to look at the way consumer experiences (such as Amazon) can help shape the employee experience.  We shared our view that employee experience is the sum of all experiences employees have in the organisation in which they work, across the employee lifecycle from attraction to retention and separation.  We talked about the 3 areas of employee experience ‘Physical Environment, Technology and Culture’ and how they all have an impact on the employee experience.

We then moved on to talk about total rewards and how best in class organisations shape their total rewards strategy and align it to their employee’s needs by providing a wide range of benefits that allow for total flexibility aligned to an individual’s needs. We explored the impact of diversity and inclusion and how this was shaping benefits in terms of gender (gender dysphoria, women’s health, fertility, maternity etc.). We also considered organisational versus individual cultures and beliefs. As well as the variety of benefits and methods of delivery required by diverse age groups in the workplace such as primary care, health screening, chronic care, eldercare, financial and wellbeing.

We also discussed how many organisations fail to communicate the value of the total reward packages on offer and so fail to realise a return on their investment. We discussed a phased approach:

  1. Leverage your current insurer’s value added services and latent potential at no cost
  2. Innovate around your core benefits such as medical and income protection
  3. Identify additional benefits that can add real value as part of your Employee Experience

We lastly moved on to personalisation and the importance of both branding and personalising the benefits offering sharing best practice examples from recent client case studies.  We showed how by branding and bringing alive the company culture through benefits you can drive much higher engagement.


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