Grenfell Tower/ACM cladding: implications on your professional indemnity insurance renewal

The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower is likely to have a wide-ranging and long-lasting social and political impact in the United Kingdom.

As might be expected, professional indemnity (PI) insurers are showing significant interest in cladding exposures at policy renewal.

Our Breakfast Briefing held on 7 February explored the impact that the Grenfell Tower tragedy is having on the PI insurance market. The Briefing covered:

  • How to prepare for renewal in light of cladding exposures

  • What to expect from insurers at renewal and how to mitigate this

  • Legal issues affecting professional service firms in this realm

We've put together five key takeaways from the event:

  1. Start renewal and submit early – the process will be more difficult this year.

  2. Consult the key project leaders involved when compiling the information for the cladding review.

  3. Seek advice on whether to notify any individual matters as a circumstance post internal review.

  4. Remember your obligations for a duty of fair presentation under the Insurance Act (2015).

  5. Days of the soft market are most likely behind us as terms, pricing and/or coverage will be altered.

Watch Stephen Davey in the video below share his insights into these issues. Click on the right hand corner of the video to view full screen.

Our Briefing also explored how cladding exposures might affect your business from a legal perspective. Below is the presentation from Mills & Reeve's Nicholas Oldham.

If you'd like to find out more about how these issues might affect your business, please email If you'd like to receive the full slide deck from the event, please email




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