How to make your employees more productive

Are your employees healthy, happy and engaged?

Investment in employee health and wellbeing has to be a win-win arrangement. The best organisations provide employees with benefit programmes that are engaging, take time to measure and evaluate their performance and link them back to business objectives, says Chris Rofe, Senior Vice President.

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COVID-19 testing in the business: proceed with care

As someone who has a spouse donning personal protective equipment (PPE) and working in an NHS ‘hot hub’ every day, testing has been a constant topic of discussion at home for the last ten weeks. Like me, I am sure you have been following the UK government’s attempts for 100,000, now 200,000 tests a day and have been buoyed by recent news indicating antibody tests are arriving and even vaccines might be just around the corner.

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What really happens when workers don’t get enough sleep

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3 ways to engage the multigenerational workforce

By Chris Rofe, Senior Vice President, Lockton Benefits

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From a technical perspective, working from home has worked out surprisingly well for most during the pandemic. The picture is likely to look less positive from a mental health perspective. Businesses should address potential issues as part of their duty of care to staff.