Lockton Cyber Security Report 2017

UK businesses severely unprepared for the seismic aftershocks of a cyber attack

Our new report reveals the extent to which UK businesses are unprepared for the potential length and severity of a cyber security breach.

  • Just 2% of UK businesses think a large-scale cyber security breach would affect business for more than 10 days, while half (50%) expect to be entirely operational in 48 hours 
  • Actual recovery time can take months or even years
  • Only half of businesses recognise loss of customers as a potential cyber breach cost
  • Firms put their reputation at risk as only 26% involve head of PR or communications in cyber security planning
  • More than a quarter (27%) of staff unaware who to contact if they spot or experience an attempted breach

‘Cyber Aftershock: How UK companies underestimate the seismic waves produced by a data breach’, reveals that fully half of UK companies (50%) expect to be entirely operational 48 hours after a large-scale cyber security breach. The survey of senior decision-makers shows that only 2% of UK businesses think a breach will affect them for more than 10 days.

Click here to read the full Lockton Cyber Security Report 2017

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