Lockton launches new ‘return to work’ initiative with Inclusivity

Lockton is delighted to be supporting a new ‘return to work’ programme launching today in partnership with Inclusivity, the equal-opportunities consultancy firm.

This Cross-Market Insurance Returners programme is designed to help returners restart their careers after an extended break. As part of the programme, returners will get access to expert coaching, manager training and continued post-placement support to help broaden their skills and get their careers back on track.

Julie Coates, Head of HR, said, “This initiative forms part of Lockton’s commitment to building an inclusive workplace, sourcing the best talent and enabling our Associates to thrive in their positions, regardless of their personal circumstances.” 

An ad campaign launching today will be seeking to bring out hidden talent, with successful applicants commencing work in September. 

Many people will take a career break in their lives, whether that’s to start a family, to provide care for relatives, or to recover from a long-term illness or injury. After an extended absence from the workforce, it can be difficult to get back on the career ladder. 

This is a particularly common issue for women. Research completed by PwC in 2016 showed that 550,000 professional women in UK were on extended career breaks for caring reasons and 420,000 wanted to return to work at some point. A Labour Force survey the same year showed that 64% of UK mothers with pre-school children (aged 0-4) were in paid employment, compared with 93% of fathers; 75% for mothers with children at primary school (aged 5-10) and 81% with children at secondary school (aged 11-18). (Labour Force Survey Q2 2016)

A lack of suitable return-to-work policies or flexible working options can cause women to leave the workforce completely, leaving a shortage of females in leadership positions.

“We believe that by opening the door to flexible working conditions and enabling returners to hit the ground running after a career break, we can help to reduce this phenomenon and empower our Associates to achieve their career goals,” said Julie Coates. 

To learn more about this initiative, visit the Inclusivity website.

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