Lockton retains top climate change rating for second consecutive year

For the second year in a row, Lockton Companies LLP has been recognised by CDP with a class-leading Grade A assessment for supplier engagement.

CDP is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a global disclosure system, helping companies like Lockton to measure their environmental impact. Their rating focuses on “climate-related issues, evaluating a company’s emissions across its value chains, the strength of its governance, the rigour of its environmental targets, and its supplier engagement strategies.”

The rating puts Lockton in a select group of 16 UK companies who are leading the way on climate change and environmentally responsible supplier engagement. Of the 8,400 companies who undertook the assessment, only 159 companies worldwide have achieved a Grade A assessment. Amongst Lockton’s financial services peers the UK average grade is B-, and the global average is C. 

Lockton is also proud to have retained its Grade B climate change assessment with CDP, with several areas showing an improvement on the previous year and none moving in the wrong direction. 

Lockton’s three core CSR areas are charity, community and environment. 
“These ratings demonstrate Lockton’s ongoing commitment to reduce our environmental impact and to become a positive force for change, at both an individual and a corporate level,” said Simon Coleman, COO. 

For more information on the CDP and the work they undertake, click here.


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