Lockton’s new crisis response policy


Property owners and managers are increasingly aware of the threat posed by major incidents. If one of your buildings has been affected, you’ll already know that the impact on your business and reputation can be devastating.


Should a crisis arise, the input of dedicated crisis-response professionals can play a vital role in containing the damage. That’s why Lockton’s Real Estate & Construction team has now developed a dedicated stand-alone Crisis Prevention & Response (CPR) policy.

Complementing our proprietary Asset II insurance policy, our new CPR policy gives you immediate access to market leading crisis management, public relations and security resources 24/7 - protecting your assets, your reputation, and anyone on site.

A key differentiator for this innovative new policy is that it responds to any event currently insured under your main property policy, should a crisis arise. It also gives you access to dedicated crisis-management expertise to help prevent that happening. With tenants and other building users increasingly conscious of security concerns - owners, developers and managers are under growing pressure to have detailed security and crisis response strategies in place. Lockton’s new CPR policy can help you address these issues.

For developers in particular, or when buildings are being refitted, it makes sense to get expert consultants involved early on. This can help you optimise a property’s security profile more efficiently and cost-effectively than if security considerations only emerge as an afterthought. The crisis-management expertise behind our new CPR policy is supplied by leading global consultancy S-RM. Working with clients in more than 140 countries around the world, S-RM helps them manage regulatory, reputational and operational risks.

S-RM offers CPR policyholders a 24/7/365 response service in the event of a crisis - as well as cyber risk services, crisis communications support, and post-event care. All of which makes Lockton’s CPR policy the perfect complement to your main policy.

For further information on how you can benefit from this innovative new policy, please get in touch with your usual Lockton contact, and we’ll be happy to explain exactly how it all works.