In 2017 we created a new registered charity, The Lockton Charitable Association* to enable us to expand on our fundraising and support worthwhile causes. 

Lockton Charitable Association (Lockton Charity) has been established to raise funds for donation to registered charities and charitable projects to improve the lives of people within its community.

Associates in the UK organise and take part in fundraising events to support a chosen charity and other charitable purposes. The involvement of Lockton Associates helps engender interest and buy-in, paving the way for exceptional levels of participation. It is this amazing work which we continue to advance through the Lockton Charity.

In our first year as The Lockton Charitable Association, we raised £174,000, focusing our support on The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity.

In 2018, we raised a fantastic £200,000; the Association’s flexibility allowed us to raise a £165,800 for The Alzheimer’s Society and additional funds for eight more charities.

We were also thrilled to announce that we reached a charity milestone, having raised over a million pounds since we started fundraising nine years ago!

*Charity Number 1169204

The Lockton Legacy Includes

01  Five Wheelchairs for Whizz-Kidz.

02   A Lockton Room at Help for Heroes Recovery Centre.

03  3 Family Support Workers for the Rainbow Trust Charity.

04   En-suite bedroom in the Cystic Fibrosis Ward at GOSH. 

05  £200,000 of research funds for The Alzheimer's Society.

CSR Milestones

In 2018, we were thrilled to announce that we reached a charity milestone, having raised over a million pounds since we started fundraising nine years ago!


Thank you from the Alzheimer's Society

We’re so grateful to all Lockton Associates, your engagement is really incredible. During 2018, so many of you signed up to a challenge, held events, became a Dementia Friend, sang carols, purchased tickets and cakes - all in support of the Lockton Charitable Association’s partnership with Alzheimer’s Society.

The fantastic amount you raised during the year is already being put to work funding research into the cause, care and cure of dementia. Your donations are helping more people affected today, whilst finding a cure for tomorrow.

Georgina Brown
Corporate Account Manager – IUAD Alzheimer’s Society

Lockton Gets in Gear 4

Ride for the Alzheimer's Society

A team of 109 cyclists, including UK Associates and insurer partners, took to the Surrey Hills to cycle over 7,000km and climb over 97,000m - 11 times the height of Mount Everest. Thanks to the cyclists and their supporters, who raised an impressive £75,867 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

get in gear 1  get in gear 2  gets in gear 4  gets in gear 6  7

"Made it… and amazingly in one piece, which was a relief! To say it was brutal is an understatement. I’m delighted to have been able to participate and have the opportunity to raise £3,480 for such a worthy cause; thank you all so much for your extremely generous donations and messages of support."

Simon Scholfield
Tour Du Mont Blanc 2018


Private Clients

Chiltern 50km Ultra Challenge 

Since we all walk every day, we naively thought walking 50km (31 miles) would be a walk in the park! Training for such a challenging hike was difficult to fit in, with work and family commitments. Just trying to get up to an 18-mile distance took six hours out of precious weekends and family time.

The walk itself was tougher than we expected. During the 13 hours it took us to complete the event we ascended 839m over very difficult terrain (over 350m of which we scaled in just three hours, including one hill very aptly named “Death Hill”).

We became sick of the sight of flint stones! The downhill was as difficult for the four walkers with knee injuries, as were the uphill sections. The last few hours in the dark were great fun through woods, down ravines where it was so steep we had to sidestep, and through fields full of cows - not sure who was more nervous! 

We had to wear head torches and glo sticks,  and a fellow walker with a speaker was taking requests - we asked for the Rocky theme tune when we got to a particularly difficult section. It wasn’t easy, but such a rewarding experience thanks to everyone’s support and donations!




Gin Tasting

Lockton London hosted a charity gin evening, organised by Angela Rapley-Green, Nadine Jenkins, Tom Hawkins and Chris Scrivner. 

We tasted a selection of gins, starting with an introduction from the team at Jensens on their London Dry, distilled in Bermondsey.

We followed it with an Old Tom, then a blind tasting between Tanqueray No 10 and Lidl’s finest, culminating in a MalfyGin, which is distilled with juniper and lemons from the Italian coast.

As an added treat, all attendees could then select their favourite gin for another tipple.

As you can see from the photo, a great time was had by all and associates were very generous in buying the raffle tickets.

Including the money raised from the raffle, I am pleased to announce that £1,100 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Charity!

Chris Scrivner | Claims Division London