21 April 2020

Fleet COVID-19 FAQs



Q: What additional safety measures need to be in place for deliveries due to COVID-19? 

A: For delivery drivers organisations should be taking measures to change their usual processes to deliver goods with the minimum of human contact. For example: The act of signing for delivery with your fingertip on a screen should stop. It makes sense not to place fingers on widely shared surfaces, however often it is cleaned. If we know that the recipient of goods is at home/work the simplest process may be to leave the delivery outside the door and then call them to let them know it is there, with the driver waiting an effective outside away from the door to make a visual check that the parcel has been received. They could even take an image of the customer collecting it to confirm receipt. 

Whilst (currently) there is limited evidence that there is a high risk of spread of Covid19 from food or packaging, a cautious approach, where practical, may be sensible via the use of gloves, wiping down surfaces and hygiene both from the perspec¬tive of the driver and customer. 

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