Don’t get locked out of your claims portal

Companies must accept claims portal changes by 8 October
Companies that may face low-value personal injury claims need to quickly make an administrative change – or claims could be more costly and onerous to settle.

Low-value personal injury claims in England and Wales are subject to a ‘pre-action protocol’, which came into effect on 31 July 2013. This protocol is designed to expedite and cut the cost of motor, public liability and employer’s liability claims, by setting strict timescales that all parties must adhere to.

Failure to properly respond to claims within the portal could lead to them becoming more costly.

A key component of the protocol is the Ministry of Justice Claims Portal – an online facility that provides a secure communication and claims processing facility for claims between £1,000 and £25,000 in value.

The authorised user agreement for this portal has been updated; all portal users are required to accept the new terms by 8 October 2018, or they will have their access blocked. This could have material consequences.

Failure to properly respond to claims within the portal could lead to the claim ‘dropping out’ of the system, potentially becoming more costly because the fixed costs outside of the portal process are higher.

This could be a particular issue for companies that may face high volumes of personal injury claims – for example, retailers or transportation companies – due to having a large workforce, being particularly public-facing or doing lots of travel.

It could also be a potential issue for companies that use a third-party administrator, which may not be aware of this change.

User friendly

Accepting the portal’s new user agreement can only be completed by those set up as ‘Administrators’. Administrators should log into the portal, where they will be prompted to read and agree the new user agreement on behalf of their organisation. Once the new agreement has been reviewed, Administrators should simply confirm the details have been read, and accept the user agreement. Once accepted, the organisation will regain full immediate access to the claims portal.

The Claims Portal user agreement sets out what is considered acceptable use of the Portal. It is important that organisations take time to understand the terms properly. Should there be any questions users should contact the the portal provider (Claims Portal Ltd) via their website.


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