Lockton wins diversity award

Lockton wins diversity award
(London) 4 September 2019 – We are delighted to have won the Diversity & Inclusion award at this year’s Broker Innovation Awards in London.

In announcing the award, Julia Graham of Airmic observed that the tone is set at the top and focused on two particular areas of praise:
“One is the work they’ve done on mental well-being where there are a number of initiatives in this broker which are incredibly important and also embrace the whole of the workforce again from the top of the organization down.

“The second issue is the young professionals initiative which has sought to encourage young people to come into a profession which is often seen to have a number of barriers. 

“Based on just those two elements, although there are many more, I’m delighted to confirm that the winner of this year’s diversity award is Lockton.”

Lockton is committed to building a truly inclusive culture, and as such have undertaken an ambitious set of initiatives across several diversity and inclusion strands including gender, mental health, and LGBTQ+. Our multi-pronged approach is a testament to our passion for celebrating diversity in all of its forms.
Neil Nimmo said: “This award requires a special mention because it brings clear, public recognition of all the great work we are doing around ensuring Lockton is a place where all of our partners and associates work harmoniously, free from prejudice or bias.”

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