Working from home amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

Financial Devastation: One Click Away from Impacting your Business

Ransomware attacks: To pay or not to pay?

Managing the growing risk created by the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly automating processes both in residential and commercial environments but the devices’ capabilities and the data they generate needs to be protected.

Cyber criminals increasingly target company operations

Cyber criminals are well known for attacking the computer software of companies to breach their information systems. Now they are increasingly discovering the potential of disrupting manufacturing facilities or power plants, as well as other vital infrastructure, through denial-of-service attacks or other security compromises.

Reputational risk climbs the corporate agenda

Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about reputational risk and the severe impact it can cause to companies’ revenues and profits.

Google court case ruling broadens business privacy risks

The UK’s Court of Appeal has allowed a representative action against Google, clarifying that individuals can suffer damage by losing control of data while potentially opening the floodgates for privacy class actions in the country.

Damage from ransomware attacks is on the rise

Criminals are increasingly viewing ransomware attacks as a lucrative income source and applying more sophisticated techniques, driving up costs for businesses and often giving them no choice other than paying the demanded ransom sum.

BA’s 'record' cyber fine just the tip of the iceberg

While the “record” fine British Airways (BA) is facing from the UK regulator following the 2018 cyber-attack on its website is causing a stir in the media, the unreported costs are likely to be much higher.