Protecting businesses against duty of care litigation in the pandemic

Creating a more resilient supply chain post-Covid-19

The Covid-19 lockdown has tested the robustness of supply chains when suppliers failed to deliver due to the shutdown of operations or logistical issues. There may be valuable lessons to learn from this experience, particularly because disruption is likely to persist for some time. To be prepared for new issues when businesses restart production, companies should reassess their supply chain’s resilience and make adjustments where appropriate.

Developing a new business strategy as lockdown rules ease

As governments begin to relax Covid-19 lockdown rules, companies are working on plans to return operations back to normal while ensuring the safety of employees and clients.

Political ‘shock’ events increasingly disrupt multinational companies

Sudden geopolitical shifts such as changes in tariffs or the implementation of sanctions as well as terrorism are impacting global companies more than ever before, according to a recent survey. Multinational companies need to prepare for the impact this may have on their balance sheet and employees.

Joint approach by criminals challenges insurance buyers

Criminals using personal and corporate data against companies for multiple coordinated attacks is increasingly giving rise to claims disputes between different insurers and policies.

How science literature can help to identify the next asbestos

Data modelling of emerging risks could facilitate product launches and improve safety levels – if we use the right information.

Case study: how took control of its motor claims management

By Lynne Wood, Client Support Manager at Expert Logistics (

7 ways for companies to better engage with Generation Z

Unless you’re able to connect with tomorrow’s buyer, your business success today may count for very little.

Why risk culture must sit at the heart of fleet risk management

Broad stakeholder engagement and continuous learning are vital to minimising motor claims in the long term. By David Leyssens, Senior Vice President, Lockton