Taking a holistic approach to employee benefits programmes

Pandemic reveals gaps in global employee benefits programmes

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted gaps in employee benefits programmes in many jurisdictions, particularly where social security protection is sketchy. Whilst these gaps may have been plugged hastily, a thorough audit of corporate programmes gives multinational companies the opportunity to enhance the level of cover needed to boost employee morale whilst leveraging economies of scale to keep costs down.

Addressing the financial stress caused by COVID-19

While many economies are set to shrink this year and unemployment is on the rise due to COVID-19 restrictions, the financial consequences have hit the working population in distinct ways.

‘Long COVID’ and its expected impact on insurance protection

While research about COVID-19 has made good progress both in relation to symptoms and treatment, knowledge about the lasting effects of COVID-19, referred to as “long COVID”, is still in its infancy.

Creating tailored retirement plans for the workforce

As life expectancy continues to rise worldwide and everyone ages at a different pace, companies are looking to create tailored retirement plans that address both the preferences of employees and the needs of the company.

Regulatory action drives attention to corporate culture of law firms

Pressure at work and an aggressive, uncaring workplace in law firms can lead to solicitors making careless decisions and mistakes and even trying to cover it up. A high-profile prosecution of a recently-qualified solicitor has reignited the discussion around corporate culture of law firms and mental wellbeing in the legal profession.

Protecting care homes during the pandemic

Residential aged care providers are experiencing difficulty in obtaining suitable insurance coverage since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, particularly due to the higher vulnerability of residents and the difficulty to protect them.

Hospitals ramp up medical services for private patients

Private hospitals in the UK are reducing the capacity reserved for the National Health Service (NHS) and are expanding services for private patients. It is not business as usual yet, though.

Giving staff what they need through technology

Change in the workplace is currently accelerating faster than ever due to a number of factors, the Covid-19 pandemic being one of the most recent and disruptive examples. A flurry of new technology applications can ensure that employees receive the appropriate support and the benefits the organisation wants to offer.