The accelerated shift to intangible assets and how to protect them

Machines are learning that regulators write the rules for AI

The effects of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are controversial and the EU is introducing a regulatory framework that sets legal standards for the technology’s application. This will have wider implications beyond the EU’s borders.

Kidnap-for-ransom criminals adjust tactics to the post pandemic environment

Kidnap-for-ransom (K&R) criminals have changed their tactics to adjust to the post-Covid environment and they are attracting new recruits due to the disruption in the labour market.

Assessing the construction sector’s protection against pandemics

The UK construction insurance market was already showing signs of hardening prior to Covid-19 – but now the industry faces even more challenges.

Suez Canal incident exposes trade risk from maritime chokepoints

The Suez Canal incident has caused enormous disruption for cargo transportation. The event illustrates the risks that narrow strategic passageways pose to the maritime cargo sector.

Tackling menopause in the workplace

Menopause is rarely discussed openly, making it even more challenging for women to manage the symptoms in their workplace.

Taking control of the corporate cyber risk threat

Cyber risk is not ‘just’ a technical issue but a business risk that threatens all parts of the organisation and therefore needs to be dealt with at a boardroom level.

A strong rebound in mergers & acquisitions drives insurance innovation

A record rebound in merger & acquisitions (M&A) activity in the second half of 2020 is likely to continue this year in the wake of the pandemic. Insurers are targeting this segment with an expanded portfolio of solutions to reduce the financial risk of transactions.

How fleet managers need to take responsibility for driver fatigue related accidents

Driver fatigue significantly increases the risk and the seriousness of accidents. Fleet managers need to have effective tools in place that protect the public and employees from bodily injury while mitigating the risk of fines or lawsuits.