Managing the risk of electric fleets

How fleet managers need to take responsibility for driver fatigue related accidents

Driver fatigue significantly increases the risk and the seriousness of accidents. Fleet managers need to have effective tools in place that protect the public and employees from bodily injury while mitigating the risk of fines or lawsuits.

Webinar Recording | Load Security

The Lockton Motor practice recently held the latest in the Motor Webinar Series on load security and the transferring of the risk from the warehouse to the road.

Reducing the risk of accidents in road haulage

Fatal injuries in transportation and storage are twice as high as the average across sectors while non-fatal injuries are also statistically significantly higher.

Webinar Recording | Vulnerable road users

Lockton, in association with DAC Beachcroft, recently held a webinar on vulnerable road users and what it can mean for you and your business.

Fleet operators face higher accident risk following the pandemic

The number of e-bikes, e-scooters, pedestrians and cyclists has increased substantially during the Covid-19 pandemic, raising the risk of accident for fleet operators. Companies can address this heightened threat through new training programmes and technology upgrades.

Webinar Recording | Driver Safety: Whose responsibility is it?

Lockton, in association with DAC Beachcroft, recently held a webinar on driver safety and whose responsibility is it?

Word on the Fleet | The Motor Bulletin

For those businesses operating motor fleets, even before the pandemic, you will have seen costs escalating and investment in technology becoming essential.