Avoiding damage from County Court Judgments

Ogden discount rate change falls short of expectations

UK amends insurance motor liability rules

UK court decision set to boost motor premiums

Motor premiums in the UK are likely to rise after a court decision adds liabilities to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) which is ultimately financed by all insured motorists.

Court clarifies scope of an insured’s notification of circumstances

The Court of Appeal has clarified the scope of an insured’s notifications of circumstances in a decision which is likely to help reduce the number of disputes between insureds and insurers over policy years’ claims coverage.

Orchestra court ruling affects live music events

The UK Court of Appeal has upheld a 2018 High Court decision and ruled that the Royal Opera House failed to take sufficient steps to protect viola player Christopher Goldscheider against hearing damage during a 2012 rehearsal of Wagner’s Die Walkure.

Joint approach by criminals challenges insurance buyers

Criminals using personal and corporate data against companies for multiple coordinated attacks is increasingly giving rise to claims disputes between different insurers and policies.

Supreme Court takes pressure off UK motor insurers

The UK’s Supreme Court has overturned an earlier Court of Appeal decision which would have set a precedent with costly consequences for motor insurers.

Embracing a changing risk landscape

The global risk landscape is changing fast driven by two main factors, one man-made and one natural.