Lockton HSeries - Transport sector records sharp rise in sickness absence

UK government releases key whiplash reform rules

The UK’s Ministry of Justice has released a pre-action protocol for the forthcoming Whiplash reforms setting out some of the initial detail as to how the new procedures will be applied by insurers and practitioners.

Increasingly severe ransomware claims impact the cyber insurance market

As cyber claims costs are on the rise, policyholders need to enhance security measures and protocols to protect their systems and data in order to secure appropriate insurance protection at renewal.

Vehicles can remain uninsured on private land

A decision by the UK government not to implement the controversial ‘Vnuk law’ requiring the compulsory insurance of a wide range of vehicles used on private land has been welcomed by logistics and motor sport organisations.

HSeries - Mental health issues in manufacturing increase 39%

In the past three years (2017-2020), the total number of mental health cases reported by manufacturers in the UK has increased dramatically by 39% compared to 2014-2017, and the number of working days lost to mental health issues has almost doubled, according to UK’s Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) 2020 annual statistics.

Supreme Court backs policyholders in FCA business interruption test case

The UK’s Supreme Court has released its much anticipated landmark judgment in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) business interruption (BI) insurance test case.

New UK court approach to ‘unlawful killing’ facilitates legal action against businesses

The UK Supreme Court has handed down a decision which reduces the standard of proof in an inquest for a coroner or jury to reach a conclusion of "unlawful killing" or suicide. The judgement is likely to complicate proceedings against companies following deaths at work (including from COVID-19), on the roads and in relation to corporate activities.

New UK Highway Code to introduce road hierarchy amid changing behaviour

A proposed new Highway Code is set to introduce a hierarchy of road users in the UK, placing the highest responsibility on those who can do the greatest harm amidst changing transport behaviour following COVID-19 restrictions.

The FCA BI test case moves to the Supreme Court

The UK’s High Court has paved the way for insurers to appeal to the Supreme Court in the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) business interruption (BI) test case. The move is set to delay the payment of BI claims related to COVID-19 but it is also likely to avoid any potential compromises that an agreement with insurers would otherwise inevitably have involved.