Business interruption and the Wuhan virus outbreak

New kids on the block

Why ESG may be the next big thing in insurance

Preparing renewals in a hardening insurance market

The insurance market is becoming more challenging for buyers as carriers look to improve their underwriting profitability and only offer cover when they fully understand the clients’ exposure. Insurers are reducing their capacity in some risk areas and tightening their policy terms and conditions. As a result, insureds need to spend more time preparing for renewals and disclose more information to persuade insurers and secure the best possible outcome.

Joint approach by criminals challenges insurance buyers

Criminals using personal and corporate data against companies for multiple coordinated attacks is increasingly giving rise to claims disputes between different insurers and policies.

Embracing a changing risk landscape

The global risk landscape is changing fast driven by two main factors, one man-made and one natural.

Preparing for a hardening Property & Casualty (P&C) Market

After several years of falling rates in what is typically described as a “soft market,” rates in property & casualty (P&C) are now starting to harden for both US & International risks and are likely to continue going up as carriers reduce their capacity, especially at Lloyd’s of London, in a profitability push following two years of severe losses. 

Facing cyber risk exclusions at renewals

Businesses are increasingly finding cyber risk exclusions in their policies at renewal time as carriers are pressed to reduce the volume of policies which don’t clearly define the extent to which they cover cyber risk, commonly referred to as “silent cyber”. For clients this might be a positive development as it forces an opportunity to analyse their true cyber risk and think about the range of cover and support services available that address their specific needs.