The lasting impact of Covid-19 on the construction sector

The construction sector has faced particular challenges in dealing with the economic issues posed by Covid-19. Construction firms often operate on relatively slim profit margins, but require significant resources to progress projects promptly. So when something happens that means they need to make an insurance claim, it’s vital they have the right cover in place and can count on a rapid response.

Statistics show that mass shooting events are on the rise in the US

The number of mass shooting events has been soaring across the US in 2020 and into 2021, a trend that has coincided with rising gun sales.

Fintech’s main strengths drive the sector’s risk exposure

Financial technology firms (Fintechs) are transforming financial markets through innovation and moving faster than the traditional financial sector. While this is their main success factor, risk management practices often fail to keep pace, putting the businesses’ success at risk.

Protecting real estate assets against climate change

Temperatures on Earth have risen and will continue to do so even with rapid greenhouse gas emissions cut, according to the latest research. Since this is likely to increase the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events, real estate owners need to gather and analyse data related to their portfolios and (re-) assess their risk exposure and identify appropriate measures to offset any negative impact.

Lockton HSeries: Health and Safety in Construction

In a time of emerging exposures and an ever increasing use of statistical data to consider risk, Lockton’s Claims and Risk Management experts discuss some of the key themes arising from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) 2020 annual statistics.

MGAs embrace the product recall insurance space

While many companies prefer the security of buying protection from a global insurance giant, in niche areas such as product recall, managing general agents (MGAs) are ably filling the gaps, and may even offer superior solutions.

Preventing disasters as earthquakes remain unpredictable

While it is still not possible to predict the exact date, location and magnitude of seismic events there are plenty of opportunities to make society more resilient against this catastrophic threat.

Wave of extreme floods requires new risk mitigation plan

Scientists expect that extreme weather events like the devastating floods that recently struck Germany will become more frequent. This will require a new plan to save lives and reduce the losses for the population and the economy.

Emergence of space tourism highlights risks in the earth’s orbit

The emergence of space tourism is turning the spotlight on a crowded lower-Earth orbit with dangerous debris threatening the safety of space missions.