Webinar Recording | Load Security

The Lockton Motor practice recently held the latest in the Motor Webinar Series on load security and the transferring of the risk from the warehouse to the road.

Reconciling corporate profitability pressure and ESG risks

Historically, the focus on shareholder return has been the primary objective of company directors. However, the emergence of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks is forcing directors to give equal consideration to the impact a corporation has on society and the environment.

Preparing the economy for the impact of the upcoming UK Environment Bill

As the UK Government develops a new governance system on environmental issues, businesses need to consider how their processes may need to change to ensure that they remain compliant and to avoid potential fines.

Reducing the risk of accidents in road haulage

Fatal injuries in transportation and storage are twice as high as the average across sectors while non-fatal injuries are also statistically significantly higher.

China issues online insurance regulation amid boom in internet platforms

China’s banking and insurance regulator CBIRC revised its “Rules on Internet Insurance Business” to address issues in the marketplace amid a sharp surge in companies seeking to join the online insurance sector.

Protecting corporate reputation: the most valuable and underinsured asset

In an age where information can travel instantly around the globe it is increasingly challenging to protect a company’s reputation, particularly in the case of consumer focused brands.

The risks of recording online meetings

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust businesses and professionals across the globe into a virtual world and new way of working. Communication has been pushed online, and whilst platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have been invaluable for businesses working remotely, there are definite risks associated with online communication.

UK government releases key whiplash reform rules

The UK’s Ministry of Justice has released a pre-action protocol for the forthcoming Whiplash reforms setting out some of the initial detail as to how the new procedures will be applied by insurers and practitioners.

How to use data safely to your business' advantage

Data is a hugely valuable resource for any business, particularly since the pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of the economy and reduced personal interaction. Whilst the smart use of data can offer great growth opportunities for businesses it needs to happen in a controlled manner to avoid lawsuits, regulatory fines and reputational damage.