Behind the scenes: Protecting invaluable art pieces during exhibitions

Some art pieces are seasoned travellers, but the challenges of securing the safety of a Caravaggio or a Raphael painting during transportation and exhibition are massive: Loan agreements, insurance, packing, shipping, handling, installation – all these tasks are complex, expensive and delicate.

Assessing the climate change risk in real estate

An increase in frequency and severity of weather events has triggered a heightened awareness and information demand to better understand climate related risks, particularly for assets with a long lifespan like real estate. More refined modelling techniques are helping investors to better assess the risk exposure of properties.

Lockton HSeries - Transport sector records sharp rise in sickness absence

In the 2019/2020 period, days lost to illness have increased substantially in the transportation & storage sector, according to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) 2020 annual statistics.

Creating a safety net for mental health issues among staff

Companies have a vested interest in protecting employees’ mental health and ignoring it can have moral, legal, reputational and economic consequences.

Market Update: A cautiously optimistic outlook for the commercial insurance industry

Welcome to our first edition of the Lockton Companies LLP Insurance Market Update.

How employers reacted to the Covid-19 impact

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced employers to take quick decisions, many of which may have affected their staff. Lockton was keen to find out more about the consequences of such measures on companies’ employees worldwide.

The Suez Canal incident demonstrates the risk exposure of ultra large vessels

The recent grounding of one of the world’s largest vessels in the Suez Canal has had a devastating impact on maritime trade and supply chains and highlighted the risks involved in the operations of ultra-large vessels.

Webinar Recording | Load Security

The Lockton Motor practice recently held the latest in the Motor Webinar Series on load security and the transferring of the risk from the warehouse to the road.

Reconciling corporate profitability pressure and ESG risks

Historically, the focus on shareholder return has been the primary objective of company directors. However, the emergence of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks is forcing directors to give equal consideration to the impact a corporation has on society and the environment.