UK introduces two-week statutory parental bereavement leave

Companies will need to adapt their benefits suite to include the UK’s new legal right to paid parental bereavement leave but also allow for some flexibility in its application.

Opioids crisis highlights coverage gap

The opioid crisis in the US is showing that drug producers and manufacturers have purchased inappropriate cover as legal costs plough through policy limits and many insurers are set to contest claims in court.

Financial Devastation: One Click Away from Impacting your Business

A recent ransomware attack paralysed global currency exchange company Travelex, forcing the firm operating in over 70 countries to revert back to utilising pen and paper.

Marine transport and cargo disruption due to Covid-19 breakout

There are increasing signs that the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak will significantly impact international trade and the shipping industry.

Boosting environmental risk protection in Brazil

Despite significant corporate exposure, the purchasing of environmental risk insurance has been slow in Brazil in recent years. There are some reasons for this scenario but also opportunities to develop this type of cover further, making it more attractive for both insurers and insurance buyers.

Taming AI technology for use in underwriting

Risk segregation is a core principle of insurance underwriting and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help define potential risks more accurately. However, users’ claims that AI tools are biased in their decisions are becoming louder and the regulator is listening closely.

Flying cars: Are we ready for them?

Flying autonomous vehicles transporting passengers and goods in busy metropolitan areas were long deemed a science fiction scenario. It is now quickly becoming reality.

Business interruption and the Wuhan virus outbreak

A rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China has disrupted businesses operating in the region, many of which have been shut down completely. Affected companies should review their insurance policies particularly with regard to extensions to see if they are covered for the resulting loss of revenues and costs. 

Addiction – unfounded liability claims

Addiction is not new. Drug trade wars have been fought. Legislation passed. Empires funded. Social ills disguised, profits made, careers progressed, lawyers enriched, jails filled, politicians acclaimed, lives ruined.