‘Long COVID’ and its expected impact on insurance protection

While research about COVID-19 has made good progress both in relation to symptoms and treatment, knowledge about the lasting effects of COVID-19, referred to as “long COVID”, is still in its infancy.

Derisking promotions in the race to reconnect with clients

Following the disruption caused to many business models by the pandemic, sales promotions can enhance a brand's image and boost revenues, but it can be tricky to create the perfect balance between costs and benefits.

New UK Highway Code to introduce road hierarchy amid changing behaviour

A proposed new Highway Code is set to introduce a hierarchy of road users in the UK, placing the highest responsibility on those who can do the greatest harm amidst changing transport behaviour following COVID-19 restrictions.

Ensuring the safety of green roofs & walls

Green roofs and walls have many benefits although they can potentially increase the risk of fire and water ingress for buildings. Insurers do ask additional questions when developments include such features, however simple precautions and an adequate risk assessment can avoid any potential issues.

How the pandemic is transforming the virtual events experience

Driven by a wave of creativity and investment, new concepts are transforming the virtual events experience.

Protecting a company’s intangible assets

A company's fixed assets such as laptops, plant and equipment are usually secured, guarded and insured. While this remains important, intangible assets such as brands, confidential information, or patents are usually much more valuable, but also more difficult to protect.

Creating tailored retirement plans for the workforce

As life expectancy continues to rise worldwide and everyone ages at a different pace, companies are looking to create tailored retirement plans that address both the preferences of employees and the needs of the company.

Business interruption policyholders face crucial COVID-19 verdict in the UK

The fate of business interruption policyholders who have submitted claims following the COVID-19 pandemic is set to be decided by the UK’s Supreme Court in a judgement that may overrule the previous High Court decision.

Understanding the current insurance cycle

The insurance sector is currently experiencing a “hardening” property/casualty market with some observers already calling it a “hard market”. Either way, policy conditions have been deteriorating for insurance buyers for some time, and understanding the dynamics is essential to achieve a good deal at renewal.