COVID-19 reshapes the sharing economy

The pandemic is recalibrating the sharing economy sector as companies adapt to changed demand and pursue new growth opportunities, particularly in delivery services, but also in urban mobility and accommodation.

Managing the transition to the office of the future

The pandemic has accelerated the evolution towards a more fit for purpose office as a large number of employees no longer want to miss the benefits of working from home (WFH).

Regulatory action drives attention to corporate culture of law firms

Pressure at work and an aggressive, uncaring workplace in law firms can lead to solicitors making careless decisions and mistakes and even trying to cover it up. A high-profile prosecution of a recently-qualified solicitor has reignited the discussion around corporate culture of law firms and mental wellbeing in the legal profession.

Reinsurers react to the impact of the pandemic

The pandemic is further accelerating the hardening of reinsurance rates and tightening of terms and conditions, making it more difficult for insurers to find appropriate protection.

Risky business: Developing a COVID-19 drug

The exceptional pressure on the pharma sector to find a drug that ends the COVID-19 crisis has created a race to identify effective treatments under unprecedented circumstances, further increasing the traditionally high risk involved in such undertakings.

The FCA BI test case moves to the Supreme Court

The UK’s High Court has paved the way for insurers to appeal to the Supreme Court in the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) business interruption (BI) test case. The move is set to delay the payment of BI claims related to COVID-19 but it is also likely to avoid any potential compromises that an agreement with insurers would otherwise inevitably have involved.

Protecting care homes during the pandemic

Residential aged care providers are experiencing difficulty in obtaining suitable insurance coverage since the COVID-19 virus outbreak, particularly due to the higher vulnerability of residents and the difficulty to protect them.

Severe monsoon floods expose protection gap in China

Heavy rainfall has caused floods that affected nearly 70 million Chinese citizens across 28 provinces this summer. While costs are likely to exceed $29 billion, according to estimates, only a fraction of the sum will be insured.

Investors push ESG up the corporate agenda

A growing number of investors believe that companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and responsible governance are more resilient and financially successful. The COVID-19 pandemic may be a case in point.