Pandemic creates warehousing boom

As COVID-19 boosts demand for online deliveries, the logistics sector is expanding its warehousing capacity and is set to implement multi-level properties in urban areas, following the lead of the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Webinar Recording | Driver Safety: Whose responsibility is it?

Lockton, in association with DAC Beachcroft, recently held a webinar on driver safety and whose responsibility is it?

Pandemic reveals gaps in global employee benefits programmes

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted gaps in employee benefits programmes in many jurisdictions, particularly where social security protection is sketchy. Whilst these gaps may have been plugged hastily, a thorough audit of corporate programmes gives multinational companies the opportunity to enhance the level of cover needed to boost employee morale whilst leveraging economies of scale to keep costs down.

Vaccine distribution starts countdown for the end of COVID-19 restrictions

Vaccines currently pending approval from regulators are seen as the solution for the world to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, but even if they are as effective as it is hoped for, the process to regain our freedom of movement is set to be arduous.

Addressing the financial stress caused by COVID-19

While many economies are set to shrink this year and unemployment is on the rise due to COVID-19 restrictions, the financial consequences have hit the working population in distinct ways.

New UK court approach to ‘unlawful killing’ facilitates legal action against businesses

The UK Supreme Court has handed down a decision which reduces the standard of proof in an inquest for a coroner or jury to reach a conclusion of "unlawful killing" or suicide. The judgement is likely to complicate proceedings against companies following deaths at work (including from COVID-19), on the roads and in relation to corporate activities.

Word on the Fleet | The Motor Bulletin

For those businesses operating motor fleets, even before the pandemic, you will have seen costs escalating and investment in technology becoming essential.

‘Long COVID’ and its expected impact on insurance protection

While research about COVID-19 has made good progress both in relation to symptoms and treatment, knowledge about the lasting effects of COVID-19, referred to as “long COVID”, is still in its infancy.

Derisking promotions in the race to reconnect with clients

Following the disruption caused to many business models by the pandemic, sales promotions can enhance a brand's image and boost revenues, but it can be tricky to create the perfect balance between costs and benefits.