Analytics & Risk Control


Risk analytics - help you make more informed decisions

An effective risk strategy depends on getting the right balance between the risk you retain and the amount you transfer. We can help you understand the cost of risk in your business, enabling you to make more informed decisions based on the best available advice and analytics.

We start with your business

Our deep experience across a broad range of industry sectors means we are able to quickly grasp what’s important to your business both financially and strategically. Using the range of analytical tools available to us whether it’s identifying where your risk management investments will have the most impact on claims, or modelling your retention levels to determine your optimal risk financing, our approach will help you establish your tolerance to risk while developing a clear risk profile for your business.

Creating strategic alignment

Change and the speed at which it takes place is now an accepted fact of modern business. Consequently, it is critical to ensure your risk strategies remain closely aligned with your wider corporate objectives and the changing environments you work in. New geographies can bring complex regulatory challenges, whilst product innovation can give rise to increased risks of litigation. Our strategic risk assessments keep pace with your company's evolution to ensure your risk and insurance programme is optimised.

Risk control - help to reduce your cost of risk

Our UK wide team – either working alongside Lockton's broking services or independently – will look at the risk exposures throughout your business and advise on how you can improve your risk management programme to prevent damaging losses; this might be, for example, through a fire risk assessment, a health and safety review or business impact analysis.

Our Services

Risk control services:

  • Strategic risk assessment
  • Business continuity planning
  • Property loss control and business interruption
  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • Training seminars and workshops
  • Claims defensibility

Risk analytics services:

  • Risk retention analysis
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Claims analysis and forecasting
  • Captive consulting
  • Collateral strategies



Our team

The Lockton Analytics and Risk Control broking team has extensive experience which enables for a better understanding of a clients needs, exposures and insight in to the most advantageous market for their requirements both in the UK and abroad.


Case study

Helping a client manage its 'killer risks' - risk control

A client we advised had multiple manufacturing sites across Europe but no mechanism to ensure robust health and safety control measures were in place. We developed a detailed health and safety audit tool, and performed the audit at the company’s main locations as well as setting benchmark performance for all its locations, reassuring the board of the company that its ‘killer risks’ were being appropriately managed.

Broking done differently

We're more than an insurance Broker
- we're independent specialist risk consultants

  • Find the right fit
    We will always ensure to understand your financial goals and position and use out know-how to create a broking or collateral strategy that fits your objectives.
  • Predict impacts on your business
    We combine detailed modelling and financial analytics to show you the effect of an insurance programme on your business and the risks you face.
  • Fight for you
    We are not afraid to challenge insurers to achieve the best result for you.
  • Keep up to date
    We keep up with developments in your industry, to make sure we understand your business.
  • Keep costs low
    Help risk financing come up with lowest cost or most suitable programme.
  • Global Expertise
    Lockton, Inc. is the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm.