Due Diligence Consultancy

Due Diligence Consultancy

From the very beginning we have guided and navigated our clients through many property and construction transactions. Typically we work with our clients team of legal professionals to review, evaluate and report on areas of insurance coverage. Whilst the scope of our role varies from deal to deal, we have the flexibility to bespoke our services amongst the three core categories we reference in this document, to identify risk areas and bring insurance solutions to provide greater financial security.

Our team responds rapidly, eliminating delays which could otherwise adversely impact the transactional outcome. We have also identified natural synergies over the years within our Lockton business and work in close partnership with our Financial Risks team of experienced corporate lawyers, underwriters and brokers.

Due Diligence and Project Co-Ordination Services

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Our team

The Lockton Global Real Estate broking team has extensive experience which enables for a better understanding of a clients needs, exposures and insight in to the most advantageous market for their requirements both in the UK and abroad.



Why Lockton?

We're more than an insurance broker
- we're independent specialist risk consultants

  • Find the right fit
    We will always understand your financial goals and position and use our know-how to create a strategy that fits your objectives.
  • Predict impacts on your business
    We will always combine detailed modelling and financial analytics to show you the effect of an insurance programme on your business and the risks you face.
  • Fight for you
    We negotiate directly with insurers on your behalf to explain the technical aspects of your programme.
  • Stay up to date
    We will always keep up to date on developments in your industry, to make sure we understand your business.
  • Keep costs low
    Help risk financing come up with lowest cost or most suitable programme.
  • Global Expertise
    Lockton Companies Inc. is the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm.