As a private independent business, Lockton has always taken the long-term view, seeking to preserve our environment and making sure we minimise our impact.

We are proud to be investing now to help ensure future generations are not adversely affected by what we do, and we target our environmental programmes to constantly improve our efficiency and reduce.

External recognition

Lockton Companies LLP UK has received a Grade-A rating for its climate change supplier engagement and a position on the Supplier Engagement leader board by CDP, the principal non-profit global environmental disclosure platform.

The CDP league table evaluates the ability of organizations to engage with their suppliers on climate change. Over 6,900 companies throughout the world were requested to disclose their impact on climate change, and of those over 5,000 companies across all sectors were further assessed by CDP on their supply chain strategies. 

129 companies from around the world received Grade A, with 15 from the UK. The group of firms recognised by CDP as being world leading companies on supplier engagement also includes Rolls-Royce, AstraZeneca, BT Group and Barclays.

Lockton Environment Report 2019-20

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We are very proud to be part of this list of companies leading on environmental performance and to see our environmental efforts recognised.

    Neil Nimmo
    Executive Chairman & CEO | Lockton Companies LLP