Financial Risks

financial risks

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The global financial community faces a complex set of regulatory, operational and systemic risks. Our role is to help your business deal with these risks; protecting your corporate balance sheet, whilst bringing certainty and peace of mind to executive boards.

Our highly skilled and experienced financial risks team provide our clients – including financial and commercial organisations of all types and sizes, regional building societies, international banks and asset management firms – with innovative and competitive insurance programmes. These vary in focus from transactional risk in a merger or acquisition deal, through to comprehensive management liability cover.

Representing you

We start every client engagement by thoroughly getting to grips with the nature of your business in order to fully understand the extent of your risk exposures. Drawing on our deep industry experience, we will design a tailored risk management programme to effectively manage those exposures, providing solutions and strategic advice to help you make the best long-term decision for the business.   Our relationship with the top insurers in this class of business is unsurpassed in the market – you can be confident we will negotiate hard to bring you the best possible deal.

Our services

We have over 25 products that we offer to the following sectors within financial risks:



We're more than your insurance broker - we're a source of specialist knowledge and advice

Our team

Our team draws on decades of  financial services experience. They combine their expertise with innovative tailor made solutions  and place complex programmes for global financial services companies, big and small.



Case study

Overturning an insurer's decision

When an investor pointed the finger at our client, they notified their insurer as part of the process. They’d followed the correct procedure, but were surprised to find their insurer accusing them of non-disclosure and threatening to rescind their cover. Realising the insurer had made its decision based on a partial understanding of the facts, we stepped in to resolve the situation. We helped establish a clearer picture of what had happened and showed that our client had represented their risks fairly. Thanks to our intervention, the insurer overturned its earlier decision.



Can we do this for you?

Broking done differently

We're more than an insurance broker
- we're independent specialist risk consultants

  • Find the right fit
    We will ensure to understand your financial goals and position and use our know-how to create a strategy that fits your objectives.
  • Predict impacts on your business
    We combine detailed modelling and financial analytics to show you the effect of an insurance programme on your business and the risks you face.
  • Fight for you
    We are not afraid to challenge insurers to achieve the best result for you.
  • Stay up to date
    We will keep up with developments in your industry, to make sure we understand your business.
  • Keep costs low
    We help risk financing come up with lowest cost or most suitable programme.
  • Global Expertise
    Lockton Companies Inc. is the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm.