We help you to reduce your risk

As claims for negligence soar, insurance premiums for medical indemnity - across the board in healthcare - continue to rise. Some believe the fix is to limit the costs of claims by capping payouts, legal fees, damages awards and so on.

Our view is more pragmatic:

  • Improve patient care and the number of claims will fall

  • Address patient complaints quickly, recognise where there is fault, apologise and settle where appropriate

  • Defend robustly where there is no fault or a good defence

As you’d expect, fewer claims can lead to more affordable insurance. That’s why we put patient care at the heart of healthcare insurance.

We’re dedicated to improving the care you give your patients
We work with physicians’ groups, corporate healthcare – care homes to private hospitals – and the NHS, including foundation trusts. And because we understand how they’re interlinked, we approach your insurance needs like an insider from both healthcare and insurance.

By sharing lessons learnt across the healthcare sector, we enable you to reduce your risks, provide better patient care, while reinvesting the money you save from lower premiums*.





Putting in place the all-inclusive cover for our GPs was the single most significant action we took last year.

John Harrison
CEO, Vocare

Our Services

We bring healthcare professionals together, engage with them one to one and in groups, listen to and learn about the challenges they face, then develop schemes that cut the cost of their insurance.

  • Raise awareness of issues found in one part of healthcare, and their solutions, and share these with the rest of the profession

  • Provide insurers with the data they need to change the way they approach healthcare insurance, and give them the comfort they need to take on risks they might otherwise avoid

And we’re known for creating a number of healthcare firsts, including:

  • Insurance schemes for out-of-hours healthcare providers, which increased the number of GPs contracting with them

  • An all-inclusive deal for a GP federation, which covers all the GPs in the group

  • A corporate deal for dentists, where we offer insurance at a significant discount to all the dentists in a corporate organisation

  • An occurrence form of indemnity, making benefits contractual so there’s no doubt what you’re covered for

Our team

Our team is the key centre of excellence consisting of a range of clients, advocates, brokers, liability and claims people. 



Case study

Changing insurers’ minds about out-of-hours services

When a provider of outsourced healthcare services wanted to encourage GPs to practise out of hours, to reduce a shortage, they called on Lockton. We audited their services, which showed they performed to the highest standard. Based on this history rather than on the risks of rare cases, we convinced a Lloyd’s syndicate to sign up to a new type of agreement. Instead of each GP having to get their own insurance for their out of hours work at considerable cost, the provider covered their indemnity at no cost to the GPs. As a result, GPs under contract increased 50%, giving nearly 10% of the population access to doctors out of hours.



Can we do this for you?

Why Lockton?

We're more than an insurance Broker
- we're independent specialist risk consultants

  • Find the right fit
    We will always ensure to understand your financial goals and position and use out know-how to create a broking or collateral strategy that fits your objectives.
  • Predict impacts on your business
    We combine detailed modelling and financial analytics to show you the effect of an insurance programme on your business and the risks you face.
  • Fight for you
    We are not afraid to challenge insurers to achieve the best result for you.
  • Stay up to date
    We keep up with developments in your industry, to make sure we understand your business.
  • Keep costs low
    Help risk financing come up with lowest cost or most suitable programme.
  • Global Expertise
    Lockton, Inc. is the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm.