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Although under-reported, the threat of kidnap for ransom and extortion is on the rise. As well as traditional hotspots in Latin America, the incidence of kidnapping has also increased in countries such as Nigeria, India and the former Soviet bloc countries.

As one of the world’s leading providers of kidnap and ransom insurance and risk management services, Lockton Kidnap and Ransom will help ensure you are protected whether you are a wealthy local individual wanting to protect your family or a corporation whose employees are located in, or travel to, high risk locations.

Worldwide protection

Kidnap and ransom insurance not only covers abduction through to unlawful detention, it extends to extortion against property – covering financial loss, business interruption, reputational damage and beyond. Many of these events don't respect international borders however Lockton Kidnap and Ransom operates worldwide.

We have access to exclusive insurer facilities for this type of cover and will ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate protection. This will include, where necessary, use of crisis management consultants to offer immediate advice in the event of a crisis situation. At all times client confidentiality is an absolute priority and should you need to make a claim, these hugely experienced consultants will work with you to resolve the claim as quickly as possible.

Lockton Kidnap and Ransom

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Our services

Our main section of cover includes:

  • Kidnap and ransom

  • Extortion

  • Transit of ransom monies

  • Legal liability

  • Additional expenses

  • Personal accident

  • Unlimited expenses of crisis response consultant

Other policy extensions are also available, including:

  • Emergency political repatriation and relocation

  • Loss of earnings due to an extortion or a contingent extortion

  • Loss of earnings due to a cyber extortion

  • Express kidnap

  • Threat

  • Hostage crisis

  • Disappearance

  • Child abduction

  • Assault

Our team

The Lockton Kidnap and Ransom broking team has extensive experience which enables for a better understanding of a clients needs, exposures and insight in to the most advantageous market for their requirements both in the UK and abroad.



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