Private Clients

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Personal service designed around you

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, with interests and passions that reflect their different circumstances, personalities and requirements. Whilst each client is unique, they share a common need to protect and preserve their wealth. 

Personal and flexible

Lockton Private Clients delivers an end-to-end service that is highly personal, flexible and strategic in approach. We make it our job to understand your unique interests and preferences and to find smarter, bespoke ways to manage the insurance risks arising from owning a  portfolio of fixed and mobile assets.

Service not products

We don't think in terms of insurance products. We provide a service and take a more intelligent approach to understanding and mitigating risks, from the mundane to the obscure.

Your world, covered

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Our services

Our service centres around client passions. Within our experienced team we have specialists with personal interest in the key areas our clients need our professional insurance advice and risk management guidance on. 

We deliver comprehensive and strategically tailored insurance solutions to help you manage the complexity of risks that ownership of the assets can bring. 

  • Motor
  • Property
  • Art
  • Jewellery
  • Travel
  • Aviation
  • Estate
  • Equine
  • Yacht 


You get better value service and cover when you manage your personal insurance portfolio in one place.

Let's get personal.

Our team

We are a team of sector experts who work in unity using our combined knowledge and passion to design and negotiate the best level of cover at the optimum cost.



Case study

Simplifying a broad spectrum of assets

We were contacted by a wealthy individual whose requirements had quickly and consequently increased in complexity and his portfolio was in greater need for management.  His previous broker struggled on anything more complex than a few houses and cars and his portfolio of assets became increasingly disjointed.

Lockton Private Clients used their expertise to conduct an in-depth audit of his assets, liabilities and values. This delivered an end-to end managed service with comprehensive cover, all in one place, and importantly provided peace of mind. As his assets get ever more dissipated, he has comfort we will adapt the programme with him in line.



Can we do this for you?

Broking done differently

We're more than an insurance broker
- we're independent specialist risk consultants

  • Find the right fit
    We will always ensure to understand your financial goals and position and use our know-how to create a strategy that fits your objectives.
  • Predict impacts on your business
    We combine detailed modelling and financial analytics to show you the effect of an insurance programme on your business and the risks you face.
  • Fight for you
    We are not afraid to challenge insurers to achieve the best result for you.
  • Stay up to date
    We will always keep up to date on your industry, to make sure we understand your business.
  • Keep costs low
    We help risk financing come up with lowest cost or most suitable programme.
  • Global Expertise
    Lockton, Inc. is the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm.