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Choking hazards in UK food products triple over six years

The Lockton Food and Beverage Product Recall Risk Tracker reveals that the presence of foreign bodies, which can be a dangerous choking hazard (e.g. metal, glass, wood and other non-digestible objects) are the number one cause of F&B product recalls in the UK over the past five years.  The report examines recall notices from the Food Standards Agency over the past six years.

Some of the key findings from the report include how:

  • UK FSA product recalls doubled over three years, with nearly a quarter (23%) of recalls due to the presence of  foreign bodies (glass, plastic, metal) in a consumable product

  • Research into FSA product recalls by insurance broker Lockton, shows the number of cases of foreign bodies in products on shelves increased by 350% between 2012 and 2017

  • Foreign bodies are more likely to cause a recall than all three major types of harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning

  • UK food and beverage manufacturers  cite cost cutting in the production process as biggest cause of recalls due to price pressure from retailers and consumers 

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Food & Beverage Product Recall Risk Tracker

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